The CTB offers an accreditation path for Instructors

The CTB can support individuals or companies wishing to become Accredited Training Organisations (ATOs).

Those wishing to become an ATO will be fuilly supported throughout the process.

Once accredited, ATOs will be able to offer accredited courses, safe in the knowledge that their materials, trainers and teaching practices have been approved by the CTB and the ISTQB.

The process to become an ATO is outlined below.

  • 1. Hold the ISTQB certificate for your specialism

    In order to become an instructor for a course, you must hold the relevant qualification. Please contact us if you require assistance with this.

  • 2. Demonstrate your experience in Software Testing

    You will be required to demonstrate knowledge and experiences in software testing, required for the level and type of course that you intend to teach.  For the Foundation level, this would typically be a minimum of 4 years industry experience across sectors.  

  • 3. Demonstrate your experience in Training

    In addition to your knowledge and experience in testing, you will also be required to demonstrate skills in the classroom.  This means that you have run formal training classes a number of times.  Sessions given at work to your peers will not count. We require our trainers to be able to show that they do not just read out slide content, but can illustrate with examples suited to the audience at hand, and have the confidence to handle questions, beyond the syllabus.

    If you have the experience in testing, but lack trainer experience, you can be accredited as a Secondary Trainer, whereby you will be required to shadow a full trainer a number of times before you will be approved to run courses on your own.

  • 4. Submit materials for accreditation

    Materials to be accredited must meet all of the requirements of the associated ISTQB syllabus and must be presented in a format suitable for classroom-based training. You do not have to write your own materials.  It is usual for ATOs to license materials already accredited from other training organisations.  This can assist you in getting up and running quickly.

    Please contact us for more information on this.

  • 5. Demonstrate adequate Quality Control

    We require a simple Quality Control Process, showing how you will manage your delegates and clients as your business develops and grows.

  • 6. Pay appropriate fees

    Please contact us for the fees applicable to your chosen qualification set.

  • 7. We will assist you in your first 2 course deliveries

    Once accredited, your first 2 course deliveries will be supported by one of our accreditation team members where possible.  This is to assist you with the bedding in process and allow us to understand how we would be able to support you going forward in the most appropriate way.

  • 8. Receive CTB/ISTQB accreditation and on-going support

    Once our requirements have been met and the fees paid, you will receive CTB/ISTQB accreditation; listing on this website as accredited and on-going support including exam provision and candidate administration.

Venturing into something new can be daunting. 

We have gone through the same process, and will take time to learn about you, deal with your concerns, and get you up and running as quickly as possible. 

If you have the right skills and aptitude, then we have the patience and know-how to guide you. 

Learn more below.